The manufacturer's expertise on-site

Condair engineers are trained by the Condair product development teams to ensure the servicing delivered on-site is 100% inline with the manufacturer's recommendation.

Humidifier periodic maintenance

All humidifiers require regular maintenance. Maintaining your system will keep it running efficiently throughout its operating life.

Maintenance is Important for Electrode Boiler Steam Humidifiers!
Electrode boiler steam humidifiers take advantage of the conductivity of the water contained in the steam cylinder and produce pure steam with the heat released by direct electric current.

All particles and components in the water accumulate on the cylinder and electrodes. The device partially discharges these remaining particles with the help of the drainage system. The Steam Cylinder or Electrode Set included in the devices are consumable parts.

Depending on the quality of the water, its content, and the operating hours of the device, it starts to lose its functions from the 4th to 6th month. If the cylinder replacement/cleaning (if a cleanable type cylinder is used) is not carried out periodically, the particles may cause the supply valve and the drain pump of the device to deteriorate over time.

Benefits of Condair servicing your humidifiers

  • Team of in-house, expert humidifier engineers experienced with all makes and models
  • Highest level of engineering knowledge direct from the manufacturer
  • Increase humidifier reliability and improved humidity control
  • Efficient and hygienic humidifier performance
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Expert ongoing advice and guidance
  • Extended humidifier operational lifetime

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